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Our technicians are versed in both PC and Mac repairs. When issues arise we can quickly diagnose the problem, make the needed repairs, and recommend solutions to keep your computer running smoothly.


Viruses can come in all shapes and sizes, and from many different sources. Not only do they slow your machine down but some of them leave your personal info vulnerable. We use the best tools in the industry and run over 14 scans to target every inch of your computer


Whoever said “Home is where the WiFi is” had it right! Wireless internet keeps your home or business running and happy, but setting it up can be complicated! Our expert techs come to you, and do all the hard work. You look like a hero, and only had to make one phone call.


Brand new computer? Getting an external hard drive? Is your current hard drive failing and you need us to rescue your stuff? Whatever the case may be we can swiftly and securely transfer your data with our state of the art technology. We know your files and folders are important, we’ll get those switched over and get you back to your day!


Anything from a new screen to installing extra RAM. We can order new parts and install within a couple days time. Not only is this option better for your wallet but it’s better for the environment. High five on being Geek green!”. Operating System/Network Mgmt/Remote – lets do this one in person


An Operating system is the software that supports basic functions on a computer, such as executing applications, and scheduling tasks. If your system keeps crashing, you have persistent malware issues, or your want to sell your computer, an OS reload may be right for you. Sometimes a clean slate is the best for you and your computer.


Networking simply means all of your devices working together. We can suggest the best hardware and software solutions to seamlessly connect your network with all of your personal or work devices. When your home or office is networked properly you can focus on the important stuff.


We’d always love to see you in our store, but if you can’t or just plain don’t want to make it in remote or onsite support may be the solution for you. With a few keystrokes, we can remotely access your computer, and fix many common or complex problems. In addition, our geeks are on the go! With same day appointments available, we will send one of our techs to your home or office.

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